Luncheon Guest Speakers

We have been honored to host these distinguished guest speakers:

Dec: RADM Tom Ishee, USN, STRATCOM J3, Director, Global Operations (bio) (Zoom video)
Nov: RDML Ed Anderson, USN, NAVSEA Deputy Commander, Undersea Warfare (SEA 07), “Submarine and Undersea Vehicle RTD&E” (bio) (Zoom video)
Oct: VADM Fritz Roegge, USN, President of National Defense University (NDU) (bio) (PPT brief) (Zoom video)
Sep: Commodore Henry C. Adams, USN, COMSURFDEVRON ONE (bio)
(Zoom video)
Jun: CAPT Brien Dickson, USN, CO Naval Base Point Loma (via Zoom) (bio) (brief) (Zoom video)
Mar: CAPT Charles R. MacVean, USN (Ret), PhD,
“Admiral Rickover—Up Close and Personal”
(repeated in July at PACNW)
(Zoom video)
Feb: RADM Tom Ishee, Director, Undersea Warfare Division (OPNAV N97) (bio)
(luncheon photos)
Jan: CAPT Eric M. Cooper, USCG, CO Maritime Security Response Team West (bio)
(luncheon photos)
Dec: CAPT(Ret) Zoltan Kelety, USN
Marine Superintendent, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
(bio) (luncheon photos)
Nov: CAPT Mike Dowling, USN, CO Tactical Training Group Pacific (bio) (luncheon photos)
Oct: CAPT Timothy J. Slentz, USN, CO Naval Base Coronado (bio) (luncheon photos)
Sep: CAPT Brien Dickson, USN, CO Naval Base Point Loma (bio) (luncheon photos)
Jun: CDR Ray Ferbrache, USN (Ret), “China’s Submarine Force” (bio) (luncheon photos)
May: Commodore Chris Cavanaugh, COMSUBRON 11 (bio) (luncheon photos)
Mar: CAPT(Ret) C. Gresham Bayne, MC, USNR (bio) (luncheon photos)
Feb: RADM Daryl L. Caudle, COMSUBPAC (bio) (luncheon photos)
Jan: VADM John D. Alexander, COMTHIRDFLT (bio) (luncheon photos)
Dec: Mr. Theo Goda, Arctic Sub Lab, ICEX Program Manager (bio) (luncheon photos)
Nov: CAPT Bill Green, USN (Ret), “Ruminations of an Old Submariner” (bio) (luncheon photos)
Oct: Commodore Chris Cavanaugh, COMSUBRON 11 (bio) (luncheon photos)
Sep: CDR Emily Cathey, CO USS Independence (LCS 2) (bio) (luncheon photos)
Jun: RADM Yancy Lindsey, Commander, Navy Region Southwest (bio) (luncheon photos)
Apr: VADM(Ret) Robert Thomas, former COMSEVENTHFLT (bio) (luncheon photos)
Mar: RDML Bill Byrne, Commander, Carrier Strike Group 15 (bio) (luncheon photos)
Feb: Erika Putman, Director, Marine Mammal Foundation (bio) (luncheon photos)
Jan: CAPT Ronald W. Toland, Jr., CO Fleet ASW Training Center (bio) (luncheon photos)
Dec: CAPT Michael J. Boone, SPAWAR PMW 770 (Undersea Integration) (bio) (luncheon photos)
Nov: William W. Phillips, Chair, Medal of Honor Museum Foundation (bio) (luncheon photos)
Oct: VADM(Ret) Ted “Twig” Branch,  former Director, Naval Intelligence (bio) (luncheon photos)
Sep: CAPT Joseph R. Buzzella, Jr., USCG, Captain of the Port of San Diego (bio) (luncheon photos)
Jun: RDML James S. Bynum, Commander, Carrier Strike Group 9 (bio) (luncheon photos)
Apr: CAPT Howard C. Warner, III, CO Naval Base Point Loma (bio) (luncheon photos)
Mar: VADM Nora W. Tyson, COMTHIRDFLT (bio) (luncheon photos)
Feb: CAPT Scott Swehla, former Senior US Defense Official, Norway (bio) (luncheon photos)
Jan: RADM Fritz Roegge, COMSUBPAC (bio) (luncheon photos)
Dec: VADM Troy M. Shoemaker, Commander, Naval Air Forces (bio)(luncheon photos)
Nov: VADM Thomas S. Rowden, Commander Naval Surface Forces (bio) (luncheon photos)
Oct: Commodore Brian Davies, COMSUBRON 11 (bio) (luncheon photos)
Sep: VADM(Ret) Charles W. Martoglio, Senior Research Fellow, UCSD (bio) (luncheon photos)
Jun: CAPT(Ret) Howard Reese, “ICEX 2016” (bio) (luncheon photos)
May: Dr. Richard Lederer, San Diego Union-Tribune (bio) (luncheon photos)
Mar: CMDCM(SS) Paul Davenport, CMC CSS-11 (bio) (luncheon photos)
Feb: RADM(Ret) John B. Padgett III, President, Naval Submarine League (bio) (luncheon photos)
Jan: CDR Nathaniel R. Reed, OIC, Submarine Learning Center (with tour) (bio) (luncheon photos)
Dec: CAPT Sil Perrella, “Sea Based Airborne ASW” (bio) (luncheon photos)
Nov: Mr. Michael Shea, “Is American in Decline? (Not!)” (bio) (luncheon photos)
Oct: Mr. Rudy Shappee, Midway Museum Volunteer (bio) (luncheon photos)
Sep: CDR Todd Perry, CO NSW Advanced Training Cmd, Mystery Sub” (bio) (luncheon photos)
Jun: Commodore Gene Doyle, CSS 11, “The History of Naval Reactors” (bio) (luncheon photos)
May: CAPT Howard Warner, CO Naval Base Point Loma (bio) (luncheon photos)
Mar: Steve Breen, SD Union-Tribune “Pulitzer Political Cartoonist” (bio) (luncheon photos)
Feb: VADM Robert Thomas, Commander 7th Fleet (bio) (luncheon photos)
Jan: CAPT Jonathan Spaner, USCG, Captain of the Port of San Diego (bio) (luncheon photos)