1.  NSL Mentoring Program (new September 2020):  Click here to see a short video overview.  Program is open to Enlisted / Officer / Active / Retired / Veteran / Civilian members of the Naval Submarine League (NSL).  If interested in being a Mentor, a Mentee, or both, please email using your address on file with NSL.

2.  Submarine Force Commander’s Intent 3.0 (new 9/24/2020):  Click here to read the latest guidance from COMSUBFOR and COMSUBPAC on the purpose and desired effects of undersea operations.

3.  NSL PACSW Chapter By-Laws (Revised 8/25/2015):  Click here to see the PDF version.

4.  “A Century of Submarines in San Diego” (1910-2014):  The first submarine school in Coronado, predating SUBSCOL New London;  the only submarine the U.S. lost during its years in WW I;  the first launch of a weapon in anger by a U.S. submarine since WW II.  Curious about these San Diego connections, and how the area influenced submarine operations and development?  Click here to find out more about this 112 page “Mains’l Haul” historical research periodical, published by the Maritime Museum of San Diego with assistance by members of the Naval Submarine League Pacific Southwest Chapter.  Comments and corrections are welcome (submit here).

5.  Commander, Submarine Squadron 11 (COMSUBRON 11) Facebook & Official Website links.

6.  Historical Compendium of US Navy Submarine classes (new September 2020):  Click here for the PDF version.

7.  “Marine Nuclear Power: (1939-2018)” — Our member Peter Lobner recently updated his extensive history of marine nuclear power programs, which he originally compiled in 2015 and presented to The Lyncean Group of San Diego. You can access the updated history documents on the Lyncean Group website at this link, or by clicking on Peter Lobner’s name in the NSL Member Author list, from which the individual documents may be downloaded for free as PDFs.

8.  Membership Initiatives Video — NSL PACSW Chapter (10/26/2016).