CAPT Bill Green, USN (Ret)

William Carbine Green
Captain, USN (Retired)


A native San Diegan and Navy junior, Bill graduated from the University of Southern California’s NROTC program in 1952. His first assignment was to the cruiser USS Helena (CA-75) during the Korean War.

In 1954 he joined the 100th SubSchool Class and upon graduation was assigned to USS Sea Fox (SS-402). While aboard he made two Cold War SpecOps and was on station when Soviet tanks rolled into Prague in October 1956. Upon receipt of a Flash War Warning message from ComSubPac, as Weapons Officer Bill had to supervise converting all torpedoes into war shots. His next duty station was aboard USS Bonita (SSK-3) when the Bonita was a target for two nuclear tests during Operation Hardtack.  For the first shot (20 kilotons) the boat was at periscope depth, 3 miles from the device.  The second shot was located inside the lagoon with Bonita, which was unmanned.  Bonita was on the bottom a half mile from the device. It took Bill and the topside crew 2 weeks to get the radioactive coral debris in the superstructure down to industrial safe limits.

Following that came post graduate instruction at Intelligence School.  Bill’s next assignment (1960-62) was to a new billet on SubFlotSeven Staff as N2 and assistant N3.

His following duty was as XO aboard USS Caiman (SS-323). During a SpecOp mission the skipper was the first diesel boat CO to be awarded the Legion of Merit.

Next duty was at NSA where Bill was assigned to head a group to analyze SpecOp patrols and break out reports at the Secret level.

His last submarine assignment was to command the submarine USS Tunny (APSS-282), which was specially configured to conduct unconventional warfare in Vietnam. While in command Tunny conducted seven combat operations delivering UDT and SEALs.

As an intelligence sub-specialist, Bill served in many intelligence assignments including: assistant naval attaché in Moscow, USSR from 1969 until 1971, and defense attaché in Rome, Italy, from 1976 until 1979.

Bill retired in 1983 after 31 years active duty.