Chapter Links to Guest Speaker Presentations

Here is a repository of links to Zoom sessions and recorded Guest Speaker presentations from various Naval Submarine League chapters:

Pacific Southwest Chapter:
Go to the past Luncheon Guest Speakers page and click on the desired presentation or photos links.

Captitol Chapter:
1. CDR (Ret) Jonathan (Jonty) Powis, RN (Oct 28, 2020).  Subj:  HMS CONQUERER sinking of the BELGRANO during the Falklands War.  Bio available here.

Pacific Northwest Chapter
1. CAPT (Ret) Charlie MacVean (Jul 2020) — “Admiral Rickover: Up Close and Personal”

South Carolina Chapter
1. VADM (Ret) Al Konetzni (Sep 2020) — YouTube link
2. ADM (Ret) Kirk Donald (Jun 2020) — YouTube link
3. CAPT Steve Mongold, USN, CO, NPTU Charleston — YouTube link